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Happy new year

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I wrote this waiting in the departures lounge at Gatwick on my way back to Valencia:

Ok, so I never did write about Madrid, which is just me being lazy more than anything.  We’ve found ourselves now in 2009; and with that I wish a merry new year to anyone reading this.  At the moment, more specifically, I find myself in Gatwick south terminal’s departure lounge after the person-rape of security here.  To be fair, it didn’t feel as invasive this time as it has done before, or perhaps I’ve got used to it now and accept that it’s acceptable to plod around with no shoes on in a grimy public space taking my belt off.

Anyway, I’m on my way back to Valencia after a slightly odd Christmas (various at-home things), but it was a pleasant break nonetheless, despite being so short!  Too short in fact, and I even went home before the term ended.  One thing I’ve noticed about the Spanish academic year is how long it is, with very little time to rest, recuperate and assimilate all that knowledge from all those notes.

My flight’s disappeared off one information screen onto the next in the series that happens to be broken.  Having found one of the few seat that actually face an information screen this is a bit annoying!  (Why do airport information screens always point nowhere in a direction that doesn’t appear useful to anyone?)  I’ll have to move off and find something to do and sacrifice my seat.  Tata.

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January 8th, 2009 at 12:12 pm

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