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And the result is…

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This seems a good time to make post No. 2 to the blog, if I’m going to keep things up.  Today was a pretty momentous occassion for me and my fellow engineers at Bristol.  Today was results day.

After spending the day biting my nails, going on a long walk to pass the time and generally getting rather anxious, the email finally came in: results had finally been posted on the noticeboard in my department.  A race across Bristol on my bike (at least it stopped me biting my nails right down to the quick) and almost storming into the building to get to the results.  And there it is.  A first!

I must admit I’m pretty jubilant; to think that the five years of hard study (the four here and the one before) have paid off so well!  Still can’t quite take it in properly.

Anyway, a toast to all the engineers today: we can all be pretty damn proud of what we’ve achieved over the last few years.  Bloody hard work but I hope everyone can say that overall they’ve enjoyed it and had a good time at Bristol.

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June 18th, 2010 at 7:49 pm

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Is Done

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My good friend Chris and I were talking recently about eschewing the instant gratification thought-diarrhoea of Facebook statuses and Twitter feeds and re-lighting our old blogs from back in the day, when people let the world know their every thought in whole sentences.  Generally a once-weekly splurge to the world was sufficient; if you were approaching a daily post it whiffed a bit of too much self-interest.

Today I realised was the perfect day to start again, not least as I’d popped a status update on Facebook telling my contacts with the taciturn “I’m done” that I’d sat the last exam of my finals.  Indeed, the die is now cast and I await results day to see what four years (plus the false start I suppose) of hard graft are worth.

I must admit, the sensation was strange having finished.  As in previous years, I felt the brief initial wave of elation, which quickly subsides to an anti-climatic “I want to go and file my notes into folders, have a nice cup of tea, and nap.” Partying is for later, particularly this year as I’ve finished a few days before my classmates so I have to keep quiet.  In fact, all I have done so far is get home, moved the hillock of laundry from my room to the washing machine and listened to a whole heap of music.

The realisation of finishing the degree hit in a bittersweet wash of slightly manic laughter tinged with the sadness of feeling a chapter closing.  All the effort is about to be weighed and judged, anticipating results while saying a lot of goodbyes I imagine, which is the hardest bit. It’s nothing new of course: leaving school, college, the gap year, Selwyn, Valencia and now here. They are times to stop and take stock before carrying on, taking a breather and looking back on the view behind.

Before this gets soppy or anything, I’ll sign off.  With the tradition of the days of my first blog, I’ll sign off with a musical note (that wasn’t meant to be any sort of pun).  Today’s seen a whole tranche of old, nostalgic tracks being played, and plenty of guilty pleasures (Alanis Morissette’s “Thank U” or N-Trance’s “Set You Free”, anyone?).  Anyway, the track I put forth today — with the bonus these days of a direct Spotify link, a new feature for this blog — is Roxy Music’s “Mother Of Pearl”.

Update!  Chris’ new blog is at this new address.

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June 2nd, 2010 at 4:53 pm

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